Prevail Case Management Software: Document Merge & Management


2:00 PM

Robin Ventura will show you how to minimize the time it takes to create forms and documents of all kinds, organize them, and prepare them for presentation. Prevail can create documents of just about any kind as part of a process, across multiple matters, or addressed to multiple contacts in a single matter. Robin will demonstrate all of these functions and more. Prevail is case management software that is specifically designed to handle Social Security Disability matters to a very high level of detail. The program offers tools that enable the attorney or non-attorney advocate to represent the claimant efficiently, and in a way that provides a high likelihood of success by managing all of the correct data. Prevail has 28 years in the SSD case management business, and the majority of NOSSCR’s members use Prevail. Ask them, they’ll tell you! Free for NOSSCR members. Email